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STILL LIFE, 19 Sept - 4 Oct 2020
CLOSE Ltd, Hatch Beauchamp, Somerset TA3 6AE

About the exhibition

Magnus Hammick and Paul Newman have collaborated on a project relating to understanding the art of depicting the landscape, finding synergy in this common ground, and sharing a visual language. Hammicks immersive oil paintings are a follow on from earlier performance work made in makeshift studios, in this instance a Yellow Cube within the landscape, articulating extended periods of time spent fully immersed in the painting experience, of mark making and abstraction.

The media used by immersive artists has become more and more experimental and intrepid; they may involve sensors, 3D scans, temperature detectors, virtual and augmented reality devices which play on the audiences’ reaction to the experienced installations. Mine is a simple reductive inclusion. One of discussion and open ended outcomes. The goal is always to allow the spectator a voice, a proactive inclusive in the art-making process. Collaboration offers comparisons and duality, which I like’. Quote, Magnus Hammick


Newman’s process begins with a journey into often remote terrain, making observational drawings of pencil on paper. In this performance a makeshift studio will be set up for Newman by Hammick. Large scale drawings of two oak trees within the grounds of Close House have been agreed as the main subject for this experimental event. The trees, conceptually representing the two artists. 

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