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First Light, 16 Sept - 28 Oct 2023
CLOSE Ltd, Close House, Hatch Beauchamp, Somerset TA3 6AE

About the exhibition

This exhibition is based on my daily practice. Every morning I walk the same route across my neighbouring fields. I have for some years now taken an image of the same oak tree at sunrise. This, for me, is a record of the cycle of the seasons. The oak tree has become a symbol of the breathing planet and the reliability of nature. The tree is an unremarkable ordinary oak. I pass it every day. Once in situ, I will use these images to take you on the same journey. The performance of mark making on the images represents the human impact on nature. A simple walk defines an instance in time when the oak tree appears everyday on a west east axis. My daily activity as an artist is one of repetition taking the same journeys  over  and over again until they are etched in my visual memory. They are places of comfort for me.

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