Line Field Interalia

About the exhibition

Grenville Davey, Magnus Hammick and Anna Mossman emerged as Fine Artists in the early 90’s bridging the Frieze and the Young British Artist’s (YBA’s) Generation.


Grenville Davey was one of a new group of artists that emerged from Goldsmiths College in the late 80’s. Winner of the Turner Prize in 1992, his works look machine made, they are largely hand made. They relate to the familiar and yet they appear out of reach. His sophisticated polished sculptural language plays with the industrial and the organic.


Magnus Hammick graduated from Oxford in 1992, Grenville Davey was a tutor of his during these years. He continues his aesthetic of non representational works derived from the  natural landscape and tempting us to see the rationale behind them. The overlaying of a repetitive instructions, with a process based mechanism, masks an underlying landscape.


Anna Mossman, also a graduate of Goldsmiths College in the late 80’s, developed her early ideas on the positive and negative in minimal photographic works. Today the electronic process in her new series is a signatory mark of the hand translated into something automatic. The drawings themselves begin with a single dot and the hand repeats over and over again the action of a machine.  


The methodical and repetitive stance of these artists come together through their collective focus on acute observation. Seeing being the first point of perception. The beginning of all activity, finding their references in a natural mechanism of aesthetics and illusion.


Freeny Yianni, Creative Director of CLOSE Ltd, met and worked with all the artists in the early years at Lisson Gallery London, and has curated this show as a celebration of their historical and creative synergy. 

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